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São Paulo

Sao Paulo is a vibrant Brazilian hub, packed with historical, cultural and modern attractions. From exciting nightlife, to fascinating museums, the city provides something for everyone.

Sao Paulo is known for its wide variety of unique foods, which will appeal to both adventurous and selective eaters alike. From the popular Feijoada, to fresh fruit and nuts, there is a huge selection of things to eat. A popular choice is to have breakfast at a Padaria, a Brazilian bakery and café which will fuel you for the day. Another must-eat is a Pastel, a highly customizable snack to appeal to anyone. If you would like a break from sampling the cuisine that Sao Paulo has to offer, a satisfying second option is the Pizza. Paulistanos enjoy their pizza, and as such, they know how to make a good slice.

As far as shopping is concerned, Sao Paulo has a lot to offer. From huge shopping malls, such as Shopping JK Iguatemi switch stocks goods from some of the world’s top brands to small markets, providing local food, souvenirs, clothes and accessories. The most popular market is the Sao Paulo Municipal Market, which is a great way to throw yourself into the hustle and bustle of the city.

Food and shopping are not the only activities that Sao Paulo is famous for. One popular tradition is known as Samba Saturday, in which a large number of the city’s bars are filled with the sounds of live samba music, which attracts visitors from all over. This is the locals’ way to unwind after a long week, so they partake in eating, drinking, dancing and singing. Joining them in their elation is one of the must-do activities in Sao Paulo.

When you fancy taking a break from the partying, you can stroll around one of the many cultural sites, including the Art Museum, the Cultural Center or simply walk around and appreciate the beautiful architecture.

The main gay area is Jardins, where you can find the ever-evolving gay nightlife. Hailed as the best gay nightlife in Brazil, Sao Paulo is host to a huge number of gay friendly venues. The locals will be more than happy to point you in the right direction of the place to be that night. Be warned that the bar system is different in Brazil, you will receive a card on which your drink orders are written, which is then paid at the end as you leave, instead of over-the-counter payment.

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, and as such, has a lot to offer. There are countless activities with which to fill your day, then you can spend your evening enjoying the friendly and animated nightlife.

Transport in Sao Paulo

Rail and Bus

There are a number of ways to get from A to B in Sao Paulo. Many of which are covered by the Bilhete Unico, which is a card that is used to pay bus, metro and train fares. This is a way to make your travel easier, and the prices are very affordable. 

The most common form of transport is to take one of 16,000 buses, which operate throughout the entire city. Even if you do not speak the language, this bus system is not too difficult to get used to, and is one of the simplest and most affordable modes of transport in the city.

As with many large cities, this sprawling metropolis is linked by a rail system, with 64 stations dotted around Sao Paulo. Similar to the buses, this railway covers a large area, and will help you get wherever you need to go. There are 5 rapid transit lines and 1 monorail line, this can all be seen on a map in your nearest station.

If you would prefer to be taken directly to your destination, then you can easily find taxis throughout the city. There are white taxi ranks with a luminous green sign, or they can be flagged down.

Gay Area in Sao Paulo

Gay Life

Sao Paulo is home to a rather impressive and flourishing gay scene. The Sao Paulo gay pride parade is one of the largest in the world. There is a overwhelmingly friendly atmosphere, and a huge number of ways to fill your time.

The most popular gay friendly area is The Jardins. This is a place with a wide variety of gay venues, including a great selection of bars. This means that whether you would like a quiet drink, or make some new friends in a bar with a buzz, it is always possible to find the atmosphere that you are after. There are also some megaclubs for the nights when you want to experience the true Sao Paulo nightlife.

The Jardins is probably the ideal place to stay to avoid having lengthy trips to the gay area. This area is home to a fair amount of gay friendly accommodation, to keep you near to the action.

Be sure to bring out some proof of age, because Bars in Brazil will check 100% of patrons entering the bar!

Shopping in Sao Paulo


The city is home to a huge number of large shopping complexes, selling goods from the most well-known global brands. The most popular of which is Shopping JK Iguatemi. This is a rather high-end mall selling a wide variety of products. It is best known for the selection of clothes and accessories, making it a great place for window-shopping. There is also a large food court serving dishes from all around the world, which is a great place to settle down for a break from the bargain hunting.

Markets are also a big part of shopping in Sao Paulo. Some of these markets are only open on weekends, and some are open daily. This means during your trip you can stumble across a number of great places to shop. One of the most popular food markets is Eataly. This is a huge 3 floor market with incredible wine selections and a huge variety of food. This is a great way to spend an evening, walking around the stalls sampling various bites.

More shopping location include Cidade Jardim, which has a huge number of stores selling an incredibly broad range of products. This is a popular location due to the fact that the range of prices accommodates everyone, as well as there being a diverse food court with a great selection.

Points of interest in Sao Paulo

Being such a large city, Sao Paulo is full of great tourist attractions. Firstly, one of the most popular attractions is the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, which hosts a huge collection, which is hailed as the most representative of western art in South America. This is a great destination for both art lovers and others alike.

A great location to spend a sunny Brazilian day is in Ibirapuera Park. This sprawling mass of green is dotted with various attractions such as sculptures, monuments and museums. It is considered a paradise for the locals of Sao Paulo. This is a great place to soak up some of the culture, or alternatively, settle down for a picnic in the sun.

The Sé Cathederal is also a stunning sight. An architectural marvel, which sits, surrounded by a beautiful water feature and palm trees. This is a sight that must be seen, and can be covered very quickly, without taking much time out of your day!

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